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Thursday, September 28, 2017

WordsApp : The revolutionary Vocabulary builder App!

The age-old habit of getting placed in a stable job after completing an Engineering/Diploma degree with a decent grade has started facing its downfalls. More than 60% of the undergraduates currently face issues in settling down and even unemployment. This is because corporations and companies require their "millennial" employees to be one who deems to be a perfect fit for the company, especially startups.

This shift in job requirements saw a major rise in undergraduates pursuing higher education in both the country and in reputed universities abroad. Thus, increased the candidates appearing for tests such as CAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. Candidates often seem confused as to why is GRE or similar exams taken so seriously when it has nothing to do with the M.S./M.Tech/MBA degrees that they are planning to pursue.
Sure, exams are just a method to define your position of where you stand among the entire audience who plan to do the same. But the motive of the core element of such exams, Vocabulary, lie way beyond these colleges.
Learning can be easy when using WordsApp

A person with an excellent vocabulary will not assist in crisply communicating her points, but also aid her in standing her ground in any scenario. A thorough vocabulary means excellence in all forms of communication – reading, writing, speaking. It’s only through an extensive vocabulary that a person can comprehend an article that she is reading.
The importance of vocabulary is being realized all over lately, motivating the technological field to infiltrate it. Various websites and mobile applications are being launched nowadays to assist in GRE preparation. While most of these apps are associated with a particular institution, it usually carries either a price tag or feature limitation to its usage.
An easy way to learn complicated words!

But for those who are planning to not just clear an exam but also use these services for its purpose, vocabulary, there are various free apps too. WordsApp is an interactive mobile application that not only helps increase one’s hold over vocabulary but also help in communicating those words in the way it is supposed to be. Our human mind is just complicated enough to not being able to recollect what we have learnt at the right time. Hence, words on the app are included with their multiple meanings, usages, phonetics and even tips on how it can be remembered in the future.
Applications like these are a must-have for every person who wishes to define their position amongst their group, educational/work institution, among peers or rather anywhere in the world nowadays.
So Download the App from PlayStore and AppStore!
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