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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Droidcam-Use Android Phone Camera as Webcam for PC.

Don't have enough money to buy a Web cam for you PC?Then you are at the right place,because in this tutorial i am going to show you how to use your Android Mobile(Smart phone) camera as Web cam for your PC.So lets see.
Use Android Phone Camera as Webcam for PC using Droidcam.

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To do this you need internet connection.



  • Android Phone.
  • PC.

1.Open your browser and Go to Dev47apps and you will see a download link for the Droid cam client software.
2.Choose your Platform and click download button and download the software.
3.The downloaded file will be in .RAR format.Use winrar or winzip to extract the files.
4.Open the folder which is extracted and you will see the Droid cam software.Double click on the software(Run as Administrator) and install it.
5.After installation open the software and you will see the window as shown below.
Droid cam software window
6.Now we need to install the same app on mobile.
7.Go to play store and search for "Droid cam" and install it .
Search for droid cam in the PlayStore and install it.
8.Open the app in the mobile and you will see the screen as shown below.Just grab the IP address(IP address will be displayed only if you enable the WIFI on your Android phone) which is displayed in app(mobile).
Grab the IP address that is displayed in the app on the phone.
9.Open the software on the PC and enter the IP which you have grabbed from the Mobile under WIFI section(Doesn't matter if you are using the net using LAN,just enter the IP under WIFI tab) as shown below.
Enter the IP in the droid cam software on pc and click on start
10.After entering the IP on PC,click on start and you will see that whatever the camera of the mobile sees will be displayed on PC.
Android phone camera as PC webcam

That's it friends i hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you have any queries regarding any topic feel free to ask us through comments because we appreciate comments and have a nice day.

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