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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Review of PST to PDF Converter Tool: Convert Batch PST files into PDF.

How many of you have felt the requirement of converting Outlook data files into PDF file formats? Well, most often people do need it, owing to the portability and secureness of PDF file documents. There is no doubt that PDF file formats have well acclaimed the reputation of the most portable medium for transferring personal information in a paperless office environment. So, if you are looking upon the mobility of Outlook emails, contacts, calendars, etc., than PST to PDF converter can really serve your purpose. Keep reading to seek out how it will assist you in converting PST files to PDF file format.
Review of PST to PDF Converter Tool: Convert Batch PST files into PDF.
A glance at its specs will certainly make anyone aware of its powerfulness. Let us have a peek into some of its technological specs. The software occupies a size of merely 19.6 MB on the hard-drive. When it comes to compatibility, it supports well the latest Windows Operating system 8.1 and all its earlier versions.

Downloading and Installation

User can download the application from the official website of MS Outlook Tools. The version 2.1 of PDF to PST Converter well suggests that how efficiently it has been evolved with better technological specs to suit the requirement of a wide range of users. Coming down to the installation part, it gets installed on the system very smoothly. One of the best part which I can tout upon is that you don’t have to necessarily reboot the system which other software generally recommends for.

Getting Deep into Basics

Understanding the importance of PDF documents in the practical world, PST to PDF Converter software is one of those rarest tools that provides you with an effective conversion of Outlook data files like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks into PDF file format. Let us discuss some of its highlighted features
  •  Provides two deep scanning modes: quick & advanced
  • Compatible with both UNICODE & ANSI type PST file
  • By default converts PDF with attachments in landscape view
  • Facility to sort items like emails, contacts by their attributes

Exploring its Functionality in Details

The utility is built upon a modular approach that helps in guiding users through the step by step process of PST to PDF conversion. Let us go, through it

Conversion of PST Items Along With Attachments

Perhaps, what I found to be the most impressive about this solution is that it retains the attachments of the respective PST items. You can convert emails, contacts, calendars, etc. along with their corresponding attachments in PDF file format. The utility converts the attachments of PST items by embedding them within the converted PDF file.
Viewing Attachment

Glance Over Its Intensive Scanning Process

The Outlook email to PDF Converter entitle you with the facility to scan files, if your PST files are prone to corruption. Use quick scan mode, if your files have minimal level of file corruption. If the intensity of corruption is more in PST files, you can use the advanced scan mode.
Add pst file

Provides Two Distinct View Modes

The utility provides the option to preview PST files in two view patterns i.e. horizontal and vertical. The screen displays the horizontal view by default.  However, you can change the view mode from horizontal to vertical. You will get a complete view of the scanned PST files which are ready for the conversion process.
View modes

Option for Exporting Files in Two Ways

You can export the required data either individually or export them in bulk process as in a folder.

Individually Export data

You can individually export the data by just selecting the emails or data which you want to convert it into PDF file format.
Export selected mails

Bulk Export of Data

You can also export data folder wise by selecting the folders located on the right-hand side of the screen.
Export Option

Option of Suitable Naming Conventions

When you are saving the PST items in PDF file formats,you are facilitated with the option of naming it as per a range of suitable naming patterns.You can save the files on the basis of subject,date,sender, etc.

Option for Selecting Destination Location

You can save the resultant file in a location of your choice. Further, the software offers you with the facility to create a new folder in the chosen destination location for saving the PDF files.
select destination

Major upsides of the product

  • Provides conversion of respective items along with their attachments
  • Better export options to selectively export the data or for folder wise export of data

Final Wrap up

When it comes to specs, the utility provides you with the by incorporating best of features that is rare to find out it with others.The software has been designed to provide a perfect mobility solution keeping into consideration the varying demands of a mobilized work forces. OverallI ended up giving the PST to PDF Converter my full recommendation for users to go ahead with this tool.

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